Sapphic Flower / WLW Pride Flag Micrography Print (5"x7")

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Sapphic Flower / WLW (women-loving woman) Pride Flag micrography design filled with the text, alternately in Hebrew & English:

כולנו נבראנו בצלם אלוהים / Kulanu Nivreinu B'tzelem Elohim
All of us were created in the Divine Image

The Hebrew word in the negative space is "גאווה / Ga'avah / Pride" in a script resembling sofrut stam / the style of calligraphy used in the Torah.

  • Size: 5"x7"
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The microscribed phrase is based on the creation story in Genesis 1:27, in which humans were made "B'tzelem Elohim" - "in the image of God" or, in a slightly more interpretive translation, "in the Divine Image." I chose the passive voice, first-person plural form of the verb so the phrase would be grammatically gender-neutral (or all-gender-inclusive), even in the otherwise highly-gendered Hebrew language, for both the Creator and the created ("all of us").

The word "גאווה / Ga'avah / Pride" in the center mirrors the terminology used in Israel and around the world for Jewish and Hebrew-speaking LGBTQ+ pride spaces and events, such as the "מצעד גאווה / Pride March." The term has historically had mixed connotations: similar to the term "pride" in English, it originally implied arrogance or haughtiness, but the same root is used in the phrase "I'm proud of you" (אני גאה בך), with its clearly positive connotation.

Like many of the terms often hurled at people with LGBTQ+ identities, the community has reclaimed the word: we wear our stripes with pride and join together in celebrating every one of us, because no matter how you identify, your image is utterly ✨Divine✨ 🤗

Note that single-flag designs and greeting cards are ready-to-ship; combination prints are made-to-order -- please allow extra time for prep, printing, and shipping.

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