Pomegranates Ketubah

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Ketubah with Reform Hebrew and English contract text around "Pomegranates I" micrography artwork, filled with Psalms 1-18.

Be sure to fill out the Ketubah Contract Text Info Form so your order can be finalized!

Pomegranates are highly symbolic fruits in Judaism. Their plethora of seeds makes them a symbol of fertility, and many women trying to conceive will decorate their homes with pomegranates as good omens. The rabbis claim that the average fully-ripe pomegranate has 613 seeds — the same number of commandments we have in the Torah. I like to think that when Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden, the fruit they ate was a pomegranate — as they consumed it, they took on the knowledge of the world around them that bound their descendants to the responsibility of keeping those 613 mitzvot.

  • Ketubah Text: your choice: Reform/Egalitarian, Conservative/Lieberman, Orthodox, B'rit Ahuvim/modern, Interfaith, Anniversary/Renewal, or Other
  • Micrography Text: Psalms 1-18
  • Size: 16"x20"
  • Made-To-Order Timeframe: Avg 2-4 weeks; will be ready to ship 5-10 business days after all details for the blanks are finalized & proof image is confirmed by the customer

If you don't have all the information for the blanks today, you'll need to fill out the Ketubah Contract Text Info Form before your order can be fulfilled, including:

  • Date of the wedding (and whether it's before or after sunset)
  • Location of the wedding
  • Couple's names (Hebrew & English) & gendered language preferences
  • Couple's parents' names (Hebrew & English)

This design is also available as a standalone 11"x14" numbered art print and a similar design as a greeting card!

Ketubah texts can be set around almost any other RaeAn Designs micrography artwork as well; use the Contact form to inquire!

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