Parashat Tazria: Torah Portion Micrography Print (11"x14")

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In Parashat (Torah Portion) Tazria, the Israelites are given a set of laws regarding purity and bodily functions. The first set concern birth: when a woman bears a child, she spends a certain amount of time in a state of impurity, then she offers a lamb and a dove at the Temple, the larger as an "olah" (burnt offering) and the smaller as a "chatat" (sin or purity offering), but if she have not the means for those, she may bring two doves. Once she has received a blessing from the Cohen (priest), she is once again in a state of purity, being considered healed enough from the labors of childbirth to rejoin the everyday goings-on of the community.

In this piece, a woman brings her healthy child to the Temple for her blessing from the Cohen, who readily offers it in (represented by his hand in the ש/shin formation, used to symbolize the sheltering presence of shaddai or shekhinah, the names of the protective and nurturing aspects of God). The image focuses on a poor woman bringing all she could afford to remind the viewer of the consideration for socio-economic differences found throughout the Torah. Other Temple petitioners wait their turn in the courtyard below, surrounded by the iconic golden pillars of Temple architecture and the hills of Jerusalem beyond the Temple wall. The text is repeated twice, with the title of the portion slightly bolded: once in the arch at the top, and once in the priest's tallit.

  • Text: Leviticus 12:1-13:59
  • Size: 11″x14″
  • Recommended Framing: 16"x20"
  • Language: Hebrew
  • Art Type: Print, Signed & Numbered

Perfect gift for a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, teacher, tutor, rabbi, or cantor!

This piece can be personalized with an inscription of the name and date of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah! Be sure to include the spelling of the Hebrew name if possible (to type in Hebrew: ).

Looking for a different Torah portion for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah? I'm working my way up to all 54, but I haven't completed them all yet! Send me a message if you can't find the Torah Portion you're looking for, or check the latest updates to the Torah Portion Availability List.

Original is available. Use the Contact form to inquire.

Parashat Tazri'ah, Tazreea, Tazri'a

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