Custom Micrography Ketubah

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Work with Rae to create your own custom ketubah art as unique as your relationship!

Choose your contract text, micrography imagery, microscript text(s), and more! 

Ketubah Contract Text Info Form
When placing an order for any ketubah text, you must also fill out the above form so all the blanks can be filled.

You will receive the original artwork. After ketubah is signed, it is strongly recommended you invest in custom framing for the preservation benefits of UV protective glass and archival-quality framing materials to protect the bright colors of your original ketubah artwork for decades to come.

This listing is for the full payment for a custom ketubah commission with digitally typeset ketubah/contract text, from start to finish, and requires at least 2 months lead time before the wedding date. For payment plans (50% deposit, 50% prior to final shipment) or to commission a ketubah with hand-calligraphy for the ketubah text itself (estimate: $2000, lead time: 6+ months), use the Contact form to set up an invoice. 

  • Ketubah Text: your choice: Reform/Egalitarian, Conservative/Lieberman, Orthodox, B'rit Ahuvim/modern, Interfaith, Anniversary/Renewal, or Custom/Other
  • Micrography Text: your choice: Hebrew, English, or any other source texts you want to include, from biblical texts to the lyrics of the song for your first dance
  • Size: varies; usually 16"x20" or 18"x24"
  • Made-To-Order Timeframe: allow 2-6 months depending on the complexity & size of the design.

Ketubot can also be created from any pre-existing micrography designs, such as...

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