Wood Engraved Calligraphy Pronoun Pin: Scroll Style (Single Pin)

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Show off your best-fit pronouns with a unique wood-engraved calligraphy pronoun pin! With a large calligraphic script and charming scroll shape, these pins make sure it's even easier for those you interact with to be sure what pronouns you use.

This listing is for a single pin at full-price: get discounts with multi-packs (2-9 pins) or bulk orders (10+ pins)! (Links coming soon)

  • Measurements: 3.14" x 1.03" (80mm x 27mm)
  • Backing Options:
    • Two tack-pins (includes 2 snap-locking metal clasps & 2 rubber backings per pin)
    • Magnetic (+$2 per pin)

Available pre-made with a wide variety of pronouns, including combo-sets, neopronouns, a few with -ish endings, and some with > (greater than) punctuation instead of / (slash).
Don't see your pronoun(s) on the list? Go to the Custom Calligraphy Pronoun Pin listing (coming soon) where you can type in your own custom pronoun set!

Pre-Made Options: (Alphabetically-ish)

Ae/Aer He/She She/He They/She/He
Any Pronouns He/She/They She/He/They Xe/Xem
Ey/Em *It/Its They/Them Ze/Hir
Fae/Faer No Pronouns They/He Ze/Zem
He/Him She/Her They>He Zie/Hir
He/Him-ish She/Her-ish They/He/She Zie/Zem
He/They She/They They/She
He/They/She She/They/He They>She

More pronouns coming soon!

 Custom Pronoun Pins cost exactly the same: they just may take longer to ship since they're made-to-order.

*To order It/Its pronoun pins, use the Custom Pronoun Pins listing and type it in. I have some pre-made and can ship them faster than made-to-order pins, but I'm hoping this extra step ensures that the people buying them are folks who actually use it/its pronouns rather than jerks trying to buy the pin as a "joke" to bully someone else who doesn't use it/its pronouns.

BabyQueer Pin Support Fund:
$3 from every pin sale is put into a separate fund to provide pronoun pins at-cost or free for BabyQueers (defined as either youth up to age 23 or those of any age just coming out to themselves & others) and/or genderqueer folks with little to no income. 
Keep track of how many pins your purchases have subsidized on my Instagram! (@RaeAnDesigns)
Are you one of the BabyQueers this fund is intended to support? Use the Contact Form below to be added to the wait-list for 1 free or 2 discounted pins! Everyone deserves a chance to our identity, regardless of financial means. (At least as fast as I can afford the materials -- wood prices have gone way up lately!)



  1. Handmade & Wood Variations: As with all handmade items, minor variations are bound to occur between the photographed examples and the exact piece you receive, whether as a result of variations in wood supplies at the time, varying wood grains, tweaks to the artistic process, availability from the backing suppliers, the artist's manual dexterity at the moment of sanding or gluing your pin, the phase of the moon (just kidding... kinda), among other factors. Your pin is signed on the back because each one is inherently slightly different in its finished form: thank you for appreciating the uniqueness of handmade art!
  2. Handle with Care: All pins are varnished for water-resistance and durability, but they are still only 1/8" (3mm) thick pieces of wood, which can break with rough handling or warp with exposure to moisture.
    1. Keep as dry as possible and store in a sealed baggie (like the one it ships with) when not wearing it to extend the life of your wood pin. 
    2. When not wearing the pin, keep in a climate-controlled space as much as possible. Humidity or extreme temperatures (both heat and cold) can cause any wood to warp or crack, which can also peel the pin away from the glue on the backing.
  3. Returns or refunds are only accepted within 30 days of your order being marked as "Delivered" by the carrier and only for pieces that arrive damaged in their package, not for pins broken by mishandling or improperly stored after opening the package. 

Cleaning Instructions:

  • Clean with a dry cloth towel or shop towel (paper towels can snag on wood), or wood polishing wax cloth
  • If it needs more cleaning, spritz a few drops of water, wood-cleaner, or wood-oil on the towel and wipe the pin, then wipe with a dry towel

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