Bulk & Custom Orders

RaeAn Designs offers a wide variety of options & perks for bulk and/or customized orders!


    Bulk & Customized Greeting Cards:
    Fundraisers, Donor Thank-Yous, & More

    Although many of Rae's micrography designs are already available as greeting cardsany of Rae's 90+ pieces can be printed into a greeting-card format for either standard (1-49 cards) or bulk (50+) greeting card orders!

    Customized Bulk Greeting Cards - Add Your Logo!Customized Bulk Greeting Cards - Add Your Logo!

    Greeting Card Bulk Order Process & Benefits:

    • Mix & match art designs! Choose up to 5 designs for your bulk order. (Additional designs may come with a small fee.)
    • Your order quantity will be invoiced in full to begin the commission process. Pricing varies by size and quantity (see chart below).
    • Rae can add your logo to the back of the card (submit an image of at least 300 dpi via email or Google Drive).
    • Fundraisers: Resell at the same price I do! (See "Standard Orders" price list below for reference.)
    • Or use them for thank-yous, get-well / bikur cholim, and lifecycle events such as baby namings, weddings, anniversaries, & more!

    Folded Card Size
    (photo frame or
    A2/A4/A6 envelope)
    (photo frame or
    A7 envelope)
    Standard Orders
    Single Design
    Logo on Back:
    RaeAn Designs only
    1-2 $5.00 / card $6.00 / card
    3-9 $4.00 / card $5.00 / card
    10-49 $3.60 / card $4.00 / card
    Bulk Orders
    1-5 Design Choices
    Logo(s) on Back: RaeAn Designs + your organization's logo
    50-99 $2.50 / card $3.00 / card
    100-199 $2.00 / card $2.50 / card
    200+ $1.80 / card $2.00 / card

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      Bulk B'nai Mitzvah Print Orders

      Looking to give every Bar / Bat Mitzvah in your community a meaningful gift from the clergy, board, sisterhood, brotherhood, or school? Order Torah Portion micrography prints for your whole calendar of simchas throughout the year!

      Send Rae a list of all B'nai Mitzvah in your community for the year -- she'll inscribe each one and mail them all to you at once for easy and meaningful gifts for every celebration!

       Note: Not all Torah Portions are completed yet! Check the Torah Portion Availability List for the latest updates. If you have a Bar / Bat Mitzvah for a portion that is not yet completed, you may either skip that piece for this year or choose any other design (such as Pomegranates, Chamsa, etc.) to fill in that spot.

      Bulk B'nai Mitzvah Print Order Process:

      • Download the and fill out the Bulk Torah Portion Order Form (Excel spreadsheet). Return the completed form to the email address listed in the file. 
      • Rae will be in touch within 5 business days for any clarifications and to issue an invoice.
      • All inscribed prints will be shipped to you at once.
      • See Notes & Disclaimers within the Order Form file for more details.

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      Silent Auction & Fundraiser Prints

      Rae offers 50%-75% discounts on up to 3 prints per organization per fiscal year, if ordered for a Silent Auction or other fundraiser for a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the U.S. (or equivelant nonprofit designations in other countries). You may set the starting bid, increments, and so on as you see fit. Shipments will include a handful of business cards - please place them in an accessible location, such as next to the print(s) for a silent auction or on an info table for other types of fundraisers. 
      Silent Auction / Fundraiser Print Order Process:
      • Send Rae a message including the name of the organization, name/email for the preferred point of contact, date of the fundraiser event(s), and either link to or attach evidence of the organization's nonprofit status for the fiscal year during which the fundraiser is scheduled.
      • Feel free to select your own print design(s) from the Art Shop, or in your message, request a free consultation call to narrow down the best options for your community!
      • Discount percentage varies by quantity:

        • Single print: 50% discount
        • Two prints: 60% discount
        • Three prints: 75% discount

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      Honors & Awards

      Why hand out yet another trophy or plaque to gather dust when you could honor your most influential community members with a work of meaningful Judaic art?
      For just $18 in addition to the base print price, bestow your most impactful donors, educators, retiring staff / clergy, and more with a beautiful work of micrography art, with a custom calligraphy inscription!

      Honor / Award Sample - Pomegranates I (Original Size: 11"x14," Inscribed Size: 11"x17")Honor / Award Sample - Shemot (Original Size: 11"x14," Inscribed Size: 14"x14")

      Honor / Award with Inscription Order Process:

      • Send Rae a message with the following information:

        • Selection of a base print image -- any image in the Art Shop, or request a free consultation call -- I'd be more than happy to help you narrow own some choices for the perfect design for your honoree(s)!
        • Any and all information you would like in the inscription: honoree name(s), award/honor title, date(s), etc. (Note: any information can be added in English and/or Hebrew. Please specify which language you'd like, or both!)
        • Name & email address(es) for the PayPal invoice.
        • Mailing address for the completes piece(s) (Note: No P.O. Boxes for orders over $200 - commercial & residential addresses only. Recipient Signature is required for all orders over $200.)
      • Honor/Award inscriptions add 3" to the bottom of the base print design (see example images below). This means that the final piece may no longer be a primary-standard framing size. (For example: 11"x14" portrait-orientation pieces become 11"x17" and landscape-orientation pieces become 14"x14". While both frame-sizes are possible to find ready-made, they're less common.)
      • The cost of the base print + $18 (and shipping, if outside the U.S.) will be invoiced via PayPal. The invoice must be paid in full before the calligraphy inscribing process can begin.
      • You will receive a Digital Formatting Proof for the calligraphy inscription via email for approval before the inscription is added by hand to the final piece. The Digital Formatting Proof will have digital typography merely for the purposes of approving the formatting, spelling, etc.; the final inscription will be added in hand-calligraphy. You may request formatting changes within 5 business days of receiving the Digital Formatting Proof; if you do not reply within that time-frame, Rae will begin inscribing and will mail the completed piece to you as soon as it's ready.

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