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Exciting news! I've been invited to participate in the curating of content for Jewish Learning Matters, an exciting new project based out of the University of Miami, generously supported by the Jack and Harriet Rosenfeld Foundation Program in Jewish Education. My first project plan is now online, to create Blessing Calligrams (similar to those used in my HUC Curriculum Guide). It's a great idea for camp, day school, religious school, or family fun at home to create some beautiful art while also incorporating the meaning of blessings by narrowing the blessings' meaning into one "key word" and illustrating that word in a shape that represents the blessing as a whole.

See the project plan for yourself:


This is only the first of many such projects that I'll be contributing and editing with JLM, so keep an eye on their site for new Jewish educational resources and here for announcements of new writing I've published!


- Rae


Rae is available for freelance writing, workshop leadership, and project assistance for your school, synagogue, or camp. Contact her if you have an idea of how she could help you!

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