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Hello, wonderful RaeAn Designs fans!

If you can see this, then you've already noticed that RaeAn Designs has had a virtual makeover! New website, new design platform, now with a primary focus on the art and only a secondary focus on my babblings in this news section. About time, right?

I'm still learning the Wix design module, so it may be a little while before I get all the kinks worked out on this newfangled webding... and if you spot something that needs tweaking, let me know (image coming up funny on your browser, missing text, typos... yup, please correct my typos!). You can email me or Tweet me @RaeAnDesigns.

Check here in the future for updates on upcoming gallery shows, art shows, and other events where RaeAn Designs pieces can be found, as well as any other news regarding new pieces and maybe even updates on where my life will be going after school ends in May. (Know any arts-education related jobs in LA? Send 'em my way!)



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